Your Voice Matters to Legislators

Nothing makes a stronger impression on elected officials than hearing from their constituents. Your voice is the most critical part of advancing our priorities at the State Capitol. Policy-makers hear and remember your stories, especially ones from their local employers.

It’s more important than ever to deliver our message early and often. The 2016 session will be short and fast paced. There are numerous ways to connected with your policy-makers and deliver your priorities.

Personal Meeting
In-person meetings with your legislators are a great way to help keep business at the top of their list when debating legislation in St. Paul. Invite them to your office or meet at a local coffee shop.

Phone Calls
Face-to-face visits are most effective. Phone calls can still be effective if you have a simple, short message that you want to quickly deliver.

Writing a personal letter (not an email) is a good way to let legislators know about a specific issue you are interested in. Letters are especially effective during the legislative session and more likely to get attention than an email

An email is the quickest way to contact your legislator, and allows them to also respond quickly. Legislators have constant access to email.

Business Tour
For a lasting impact, invite lawmakers to experience firsthand how your business operates. Whether you are a large manufacturer or have three employees, inviting your legislators to see your business in action is a great way to educate them on the issues you face and your value in the community.

Town Hall Style Forum
Legislators frequently participate in these forums, and would likely welcome the opportunity to visit with your peers or employees – their constituents. Use the opportunity to publicly ask legislators to support a pro-business agenda.

Letter to the editor
Writing a letter to the local newspaper is a great way to both educate and advocate policy-makers and the community as a whole on the importance of pro-jobs legislation. Focus on the local circumstances of an issue.

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