The United for Jobs coalition represents nearly 80 organizations and their hundreds of thousands of employees, by supporting policies that will keep business competitive in Minnesota for the long-term. For more than five years, United for Jobs as fought for more affordability statewide, through lower taxes and less regulation. A business environment where the private sector is allowed to innovate and grow jobs is a business environment that provides opportunities for all Minnesotans.

Minnesota is in the top five highest tax rates in too many categories. High taxes make it a less attractive place to start and run a businessĀ and make our state too costly for both employers and employees. Click HERE to read more.

Businesses know which wage and benefit packages retain and attract skilled employees in their respective fields. Mandates that force businesses into one-size-fits-all benefit packages result in time and money spent complying instead of creating jobs. Click HERE to read more.

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Your voice matters! Lawmakers need to hear your first-hand experience in how these issues affect your ability to live and do business in Minnesota. Join us and help make our state a great place to work and raise and family.